This year (2012) we are going to engage in a study of what the Bible says about money and how the Christian needs to manage it.  We are living in times of great prosperity which presents us with serious dangers with our possessions.  Many churches have been caught up in the prosperity movement and materialism - by either teaching that God promises you worldly wealth (while failing to deliver on their promises) OR by simply ignoring what the Bible says about this subject.  Often, our decisions are driven by material motives, both as individuals and churches.  In this study we are going to notice some of what the Bible has to say about money and material possessions in the lives of Christians.  The lessons will be presented periodically throughout the year.  Come back often to see what is new.

Materialism - 1   What is Materialism? Html MP3 PP  
Materialism - 2   The Dangers of Materialism and how to deal with it Html MP3 PP  
Principles: The Christian and Stewardship Html MP3 PP
Principles: Where is Your Treasure? Html MP3 PP  
Principles: Contentment Html MP3 PP  
The Sinful use of money - examples & gambling, greed, debt, trusting in money, etc. Html MP3 PP  
The Godly use of money - examples & paying bills, paying taxes, helping others, savings, etc. Html MP3 PP  
The Christian and Sharing Html MP3 PP  
The Bible and Debt - Is debt always a sin?  WHEN is debt a sin? Html MP3 PP  
The Bible and Savings - Retirement, investments, savings, budgeting, etc. Html MP3 PP  
Giving in Worship Html MP3 PP  
The Church Treasury - proper and improper use Html MP3 PP  
The False Gospel of Prosperity Html MP3 1
MP3 2
PP 1
PP 2
Misc. Questions - What about Bankruptcy?  Can Christians Play the Lottery?  How has God blessed us? Html MP3 PP